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Now is a great time to look at where the VABA is going in 2017 and 2018.  The VABA promotes the development of aviation business within Virginia and represents aviation businesses at the Virginia General Assembly and before local and state government. VABA efforts are primarily focused on policy issues that make it easier for you to operate your business, grow your business and enhance the development and infrastructure for general aviation at Virginia airports.


This past legislative session, the VABA was successful in advocating for a number of key aviation issues. Most significant is the passage of HB1738, patroned by Del. Richard Anderson, Woodbridge was signed in to law by Governor McAuliffe on March 24th. HB1738 creates an exemption from retail sales tax for parts, engines, and supplies used for maintaining, repairing, or reconditioning aircraft and unmanned aerial systems.  HB1738 will be enacted on July 1, 2018 and will significantly enhance Virginia aviation business’ competitiveness.  HB1738 will provide your customer’s real savings for maintenances, overhaul, and upgrades. If your business owns aircraft you will save immediately on maintenance costs and in most cases the saving will be significant enough to eliminate your need to ferry aircraft to maintenance facilities in other states for major maintenance work.

Moving forward, the VABA will focus on a number of issues to continue aviation growth in Virginia.


  • The VABA is working with members to help them ready for the enactment of the aviation parts and supplies sales tax exemption.

  • The VABA is working with the Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade, the Virginia Department of Economic Development and the Secretary of Transportation to increase Virginia’s focus on promoting Virginia’s aviation businesses and their anticipated growth caused by the sales tax exemption.

  • The VABA is working with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Department of Aviation, The Virginia Governor’s office and other stakeholders to understand why environmental permits required for aviation expansion take substantially more time, effort and expense as compared to other states for like efforts. With this information the VABA will identify administrative and legislative recommendations to the General Assembly and our Congressional Delegation to streamline processes for future development.

  • The VABA is scheduling the second set of listening tours throughout Virginia on June 12 and 14.  The next tours will be geographically dispersed throughout Virginia making it easier for members to participate close to their place of business

  • The VABA will work proactively with airport sponsors and local governments to address a trend where local policy adversely impacts the delivery of aviation services and operations by aviation businesses. 

  • The VABA will continue holding one-on-one and group meetings with members to better understand member businesses and the issues they face in operating and growing their businesses.

During 2016, the VABA Board transitioned the association from a volunteer driven to a professionally managed industry association.  The VABA retained Advantus Strategies to provide professional association management and professional lobbying services.  Advantus brings specific aviation expertise to VABA management.  This effort proved successful almost immediately with the passage of HB1738. 


Hiring Advantus is not inexpensive and is not sustainable without the investment of companies like yours in the VABA.  For years the annual dues in the VABA have been sustained at $50 annually or provided automatically as a part of your registration and sponsorship fees in the annual winter legislative reception held at the Library of Virginia.

This year we ask you to make an increased annual investment in the VABA.


The sales tax exemption alone will make your business far more attractive to customers and or reduce your expense on the maintenance of your aircraft.  In many cases the cost savings for aircraft maintenance will eliminate your need to ferry aircraft out of state for maintenance.


We ask that your investment level be respectful of the financial on-going impact this law will have on your business.


Your VABA strives to provide real quantifiable value to your business.  To do this we need your input, involvement and your financial support. 


Below you will find the VABA’s membership and investment levels. On behalf of the VABA Board we ask that you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to help advance the VABA’s mission to help your business grow in Virginia.

Core Services


  • Organizational membership in VABA

  • Reports on business and political initiatives from the President and CEO

  • Membership in our issue advocacy coalition

  • First access to VABA Premium Events, with speakers from government and business sectors who have special insight on matters important to aviation business within the Commonwealth.

  • Receive guidance from a team of experienced government affairs representatives on matters that impact your business

  • Access to regional VABA events

  • Recognition on VABA website and promotional brochures

  • Updates on legislative matters that impact the aviation industry

  • Receive updates on key State Legislative and local races


Platinum - $10,000

VABA membership flight jacket patch

Six tickets to True Airspeed Pre-Reception

Six tickets to True Airspeed General Reception


Gold - $5,000

Four tickets to True Airspeed Pre-Reception

Four tickets to True Airspeed General Reception


Silver - $2500

Two tickets to True Airspeed Pre-Reception

Two tickets to True Airspeed General Reception


Bronze - $1000

Two tickets to True Airspeed General Reception



$250.00 per base membership

The VABA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization committed to represent, develop, and support all aviation businesses in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Contributions or gifts to the VABA are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax Purposes. However, dues payments may be deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Per section 6033 (e) of the Internal Revenue Code, VABA estimates 10% of your 2017 dues are subject to Section 162 (e)(1) of the Code and therefore not deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.



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