A Message from President, Bud Oakey

Please see the new guidance issued by Governor's Policy Office regarding flight training and flight operations under EO 53 & 55. Click here.




The VABA sent this letter to Brian Moran, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to provide comment and request clarification and retraction related to Virginia’s flight schools ability to operate in light of Governor Northam’s Executive Orders (EO) 53 and 55.  

Please let us know how the VABA can assist you as we navigate through this trying time in our history. 


The VABA is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization which serves as the voice of aviation business in Virginia.  Our mission is to promote the development of aviation business within the Commonwealth of Virginia and represent the Aviation Industry with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s legislature.  We also strive to enhance the development of infrastructure of GA and regional airports in support of the Commonwealth, and support continued improvement of airport and flight safety operations of all Virginia aviators.   


The VABA provides a unified voice for the Virginia aviation industry through:

  • · Advocacy

  • · Education

  • · Research

  • · Business Promotion

  • · Networking


The VABA government affairs team stays alert for issues impacting the operation of your aviation business.  Twice yearly, the VABA will conduct forums with members to understand what is impacting member businesses. Throughout the year VABA staff will interact with both elected and appointed officials looking to impact positively those areas that will create a better opportunity to grow individual businesses.

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